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We Are Your Trusted Contact For Contact Lenses



Antoine Eye Care LLC is focused on meeting both your eye-health and your contact lens prescription needs.

Our contact lens technicians and doctors will take the confusion out of buying contacts. We can help you decide which lenses are right for your lifestyle. We carry a full line of 1-day disposable, multifocal, toric, monthly and specialty contact lenses from only top-quality manufacturers and distributors. You always get the best contacts—always fresh and pure, never expired. We invite you to make an appointment today.

Our Trusted Guarantee For Contact Lenses:

We pledge...
To give you the very best eye care possible through use of the most advanced technology and eye-care systems, combined with the personal attention of our optometrists, technicians, and eye-care staff.

That when you come in for regular eye exams, we will help protect your eyes from disease, ensure you have the sharpest vision possible, and educate you on the latest products and contact lens care.

To give you peace of mind knowing that if you are unhappy with your contact lenses for any reason, we will make things right—by checking your prescription and replacing the contact lenses if necessary.
To remind you when you are due for your annual eye-health and contact lens exam, since most common causes of contact lens-related eye problems are due to patients not returning for regular checkups.

That if you are not 100% satisfied, you are covered through our contact lens return policy.* This guarantee applies to any brand of contact lens that we sell.

* Amount of refund depends on office policy and contact lens manufacturer.

The Top 10 Reasons To Consider Buying Contact Lenses From Your Optometrist:


1. You are always covered by our Trusted Guarantee


2. You will be getting your lenses from your Optometrist’s authorized distributor of the brand you wear—always fresh

     and pure, never expired


3. You are guaranteed to get the correct lenses in the correct prescription. If your lenses are not performing properly,

we will correct the problem*


4. If you ever have a defective or torn lens, we will replace it free of charge


5. Within the year, you can exchange unopened boxes purchased at this office for any reason, as long as they are
    not expired and the package is in its original condition


6. Our contact lens prices are extremely competitive. Plus, you can get any    manufacturers’ rebates and any instant
    or yearly discounts that are available


7. Shipping is usually free (except for overnight deliveries)


8. We help you get the maximum value from your insurance plan


9. If you have a flexible spending account (FSA), you can use those funds all year long for your eye care and contacts


10. You have the satisfaction of supporting a local business. We appreciate your business!


* Regularly scheduled examinations with your optometrist can help prevent contact lens-related eye problems.

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